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We have been specializing in content and communication since the year 2000. We are committed to delivering credible, high-quality, and relevant content across various media such as video, online, audio, and photography.
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Creation and Editing

In the area of strategy and consulting we have recommended an implementation for your very individual story, your task, your communication needs. We always do this with our experience, our knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of the news situation and – very important in the digital age – with our data-based analysis of current topics, latest video trends and storytelling techniques.


Once you have decided on an implementation, it’s time for the concrete preparation, creation and editing. But first a little „story“ on the topic of creation:

Video production: a complex task

We can do storytelling! It’s as simple as that. But that is only one part of the truth. Because each of our clients‘ communication tasks requires an individual signature. Therefore, not every visual story is a good story. Perhaps the most important reason for this assessment is: people are tired of advertising and the popular „storytelling“ is just a popular term to begin with. To use storytelling does not yet mean to penetrate to the people or to fill the story with life.

So if the end product is to have „punch“, if it is to fulfil your communication task, experience, knowledge, curiosity, openness and flexibility, gut feeling and a lot of energy are required in preparing the content production. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing for over 20 years and it gives us enormous pleasure every time. Why? Because it is simply a challenging, complex and mega-exciting task to work at the interface between editorial office, TV station, streaming portal, corporate communications and marketing.


So now, as promised, let’s take a look at the creative and editorial work steps. They work like this:

Eine Brille liegt auf einem Notizbuch

Important questions for the concept

Eine Frau schreibt in ein Notizbuch

Everything begins with a joint discussion and briefing by you, the client. Here we listen intensively, ask you questions, read up, do research and get our team of writers, camerapersons, editors and media designers ready. We evaluate your project from the various angles and breathe it in, with you in mind: With our very special expertise in editorial, credible content and video production. From this point on, a special mechanism is set in motion. It always works in a similar way, but produces individual results every time!

First, we develop an exposé or concept with answers to these questions: What content do we show? What form does the content need? Is it an editorial TV feature, an image film, live streaming, a radio feature, is it photos or text or all of the above? Which target group do we address? What budget do we have and what is the time frame?

Developing an individual treatment

f the synopsis meets your taste and encompasses your communication requirements, the next step is to develop a treatment. This is a preliminary version of the script. It condenses all visible, acoustic and content-related ideas – into a film text in the form of a Word document. The treatment has several advantages: Clients can better imagine the final product after reading it. In addition, they can influence the final result through their comments in the treatment before shooting. They can inform us about changes in the content. Finally, we ensure in this way that we and you have the same vision. If you have booked a radio exploitation, for example, we can use the treatment to inform our radio colleagues precisely about the upcoming content. They then create a special radio version in which we clip original sounds from the film material for the radio pieces.

Once all the treatment versions have been approved, we start filming.

Finger auf der Tastatur eines Laptops

We set the scene for your topic

We then film the treatment on location – as close to the original as possible, of course. We work with the current conditions, weather, actors, sound sources, etc., in order to create the perfect film.


Whether editorial TV reports, press work or films with advertising aesthetics: the focus is always on your topic and product. Our creative minds research exciting stories, create innovative film concepts and realise them. We will tell you exactly how we do this in the next step, the production.

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