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We have been specializing in content and communication since the year 2000. We are committed to delivering credible, high-quality, and relevant content across various media such as video, online, audio, and photography.
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Multichannel: Reach your target group in all channels

After we have finished your video, photo, text or audio in our production und postproduction, comes the most important part: distribution. This is about distributing the material to the right channels to reach as many people as possible from the previously defined target group.

1 million editorial contacts

The most effective way to successfully distribute to editors and influencers is to have a relevant topic, well-made, editorial content and to approach the media. We can draw on a well-maintained network of over 1 million editorial contacts worldwide. These include TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, trade magazines, online providers and influencers around the world. This allows us to target your content to the media that are of interest to your target groups.
With our newsroom service, we also offer all-round support for your customised newsroom. In addition to hosting and handling, we ensure that it is regularly filled and seen by relevant editorial contacts.

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Reach via Owned Media, Earned Media, Paid Media

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Basically, there are three areas of media available for content distribution. In the communications industry, the terms owned, earned and paid media have become established.

Owned media are a company’s or institution’s own channels.  For example its own homepage, but also channels on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Earned media are contributions in editorial and social media that are published by journalists and influencers voluntarily and without payment – simply because the topic offered and the content are interesting from an editorial point of view. Paid media are, as the name suggests, paid contributions and publications. First and foremost, this includes advertisements, commercials and banners, but also media cooperations, which are labelled as advertorials, for example.

The range of topics we distribute via editorial media can vary. Current issues or topics with great relevance, for example, are picked up more often by the major editorial offices and shared as content, as topics for a specific specialist audience (earned media).
As a content agency, we offer the opportunity to achieve an assured reach and a high level of effectiveness. Cooperations with major publishing houses, TV and radio stations, online media or influencers guarantee a suitable, credible presence with your target group (paid media).
There are many different possibilities for such cooperations to achieve an authentic and credible presence for your brand or product. Here we advise you intensively. In addition, there are other ways of distribution, feel free to contact us to find out more!

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Many platforms, much success

The individual ways of distributing your topic have a good effect. But to pick up all the people in your target group and get the most out of your content, multichannel distribution is important. By combining all media such as TV, radio, print, online and social media, you can achieve the best results. As a content agency, we prepare all content and activate our large network of over 1 million close contacts. The more channels you use, the more people you will reach in the end and the greater your communication success will be.

You can also find out every detail about your successes with our analyse und reporting.

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