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We have been specializing in content and communication since the year 2000. We are committed to delivering credible, high-quality, and relevant content across various media such as video, online, audio, and photography.
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From the video shoot to the finished product

After our editorial team has completed the research and preparation of your topic, it is now time to produce the desired medium, i.e. photos, audios or videos. We show this here using the example of a video production.

Preparing for the shoot

Every successful shoot requires good preparation. At the beginning, we choose a location and make a preliminary inspection. This allows us to familiarise ourselves with the conditions on location and to work quickly and efficiently. On set, we use high-quality and modern equipment so that we always achieve the best possible result.

EIne junge Frau arbeitet am Monitor
Eine geöffnete Filmklappe

From journalistic contributions to commercials

When we developed the concept, we already decided together what kind of film we would like to produce. Now we have to realise it professionally. Our authors and camera teams are flexible and travel internationally. So we can produce all kinds of videos. Whether it’s daily news coverage, editorial contributions or high-quality produced image films – we make it happen.

Interviews at the highest level

The best way to convey topics is through people and personal stories. We consciously use this knowledge to get your message across to the right audience in an appealing way. To ensure that you or the protagonists in front of the camera convey all the content as desired, our trained and journalistically educated editors and realisers conduct interviews. It is important to us to work according to the press code, always seriously and factually correct. This keeps the topic authentic and creates trust with your target group.

Kamera an einem Interview Set
Junger man an einen Filmset

Setting the scene

In addition to the content, the visual appearance also plays a major role. In close consultation with you, we select authentic protagonists for editorial contributions or appropriate actors for image and advertising films. We look for suitable filming locations, on your premises or worldwide. We put you as our client and our protagonists in the best possible light. If desired, our photographers can also produce footage for further use on the day of the shoot. Always in view: The right message and the desired feelings. From fact-based industrial films to emotional stories, we have produced everything in over 20 years!

Professional post-production

After the video shoot is before the video edit. As soon as we are back at the content agency, we save and sift through the produced material several times.
Our advantage: the authors who shot the contributions and films are usually also in charge of the editing. This way we ensure that conception, creation, shooting and editing are all from one source. Our experienced and professional editors cut the projects. At our fully equipped editing suites, we can optimally process the produced video material, including editing, effects, layout speaking and colour grading.

Screenshot von Tools für die Farbkorrektur
Fader an einem Mischpult

Dubbing, mixing, mastering

Then it’s off to professional dubbing. For smaller projects, we have experienced editors to speak in-house. For an even better sound experience, we recommend professional speakers. Here we can draw on a large network in all languages. We find the voice that makes your film stand out. After dubbing, our media designers take care of mixing and mastering the entire film.

Content for every channel

You want to get the most out of your film? Whether TV, radio, online, print or social media – there’s more to your moving image than you think. Before we get down to the media work and distribute your content to the right channels, we adapt it to the appropriate medium.


You can find out what happens next in the Distribution section.

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