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We have been specializing in content and communication since the year 2000. We are committed to delivering credible, high-quality, and relevant content across various media such as video, online, audio, and photography.
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Strategy and consulting

Talking about the conception of communication projects, oftentimes the question arises:

What is the purpose of Content-Marketing?

As a content agency and distributor we would like to answer this question by asking the following counter questions:

What is your perception of content marketing? How may we assist you? What is your current communication task? What do you aim to achieve?

Create relevant content

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There are various perceptions surrounding content marketing, ranging from editorial and journalistic approaches to promotional marketing language, from scripted storytelling to documentary-style video production. In short, content marketing involves creating content free to use for others that provides added value.

However, not all content resonates well with the target audience, and in some cases, it can even be counterproductive. Simply stating that „Content is King“ and „Context is Queen“ is not enough to drive success in building a brand or community, initiating a change in perception, or acquiring new customers while retaining existing ones.

When conceiving communication projects, it is essential to have a solid understanding of goals, target audiences, and channels. The core messages have to be clearly spelled out, and everyone involved must know how to craft, structure, and visualize a compelling story. Only then can relevant content be created.

Strategy and conception

During their inital considerations for strategy and conception, many marketing and PR departments overlook three important points for successful communication:

Firstly: „Content development“.
You got to ask yourself: Is my topic even relevant? Not necessarily from your companies perspective, but from the viewpoint of the target audience! What can you, as the sender, contribute to the conversation without shifting the focus too much on your company and losing sight of the very core?
For many, their own product or brand is the most important aspect. Well, it isn’t! Content creation focuses on current trends. We utilize our AI-based monitoring and analysis tool, Sonalytix, which allows us to capture trending topics, globally and in real-time. As well as information about competitors, and relevant influencers. We then incorporate these insights into our strategy and conception.

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Contemporary communication

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Content production, especially for videos and photos, often underestimates the effort and quality involved. Unfortunately, those in charge often view it solely from a marketing perspective. However, authenticity and credibility are becoming increasingly important today. This should be reflected in the content and visual language, striking a good balance between authenticity in the imagery and avoiding overly glossy aesthetics.

A cross-media strategy

Content distribution and its lack of synchronization is another important factor. A contemporary communication approach should always involve a cross-media strategy. This means coordinating the dissemination of content across various channels, including owned channels, press and media outreach, social media activation, and potentially even paid advertising placements.

In our extensive experience as a content agency spanning over 20 years, we still observe that many large companies struggle with clarifying responsibilities between marketing, PR, and social media teams. On the other hand, smaller businesses often face challenges in structuring their content publication effectively within limited budgets. It is crucial to ensure that all posts and publications complement and reinforce each other, rather than getting lost in the vastness of the internet.

By synchronizing content distribution efforts across different channels, businesses can maximize their reach, maintain consistency in messaging, and increase the chances of engagement and impact.

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Content marketing is a mindset

In strategy and conception, we also emphasize the importance of consistency. Regularly publishing useful content leads to increased traffic and more leads. Valuable content that provides added value is in high demand and is the best way to stay relevant. By solving the problems and answering the questions of your target audience, you will earn longtime interest—and even search engines will take notice.

Therefore, content marketing should be more than just a mindset; it deserves a holistic approach to communication. This should be reflected in the development of strategy and conception to drive successful communication forward. The sender’s attitude is crucial: „I give you something, and in the best case, I receive something in return: interest, engagement, and trust.“ Oh, and if you can provide your potential customers with valuable content, it will ultimately lead to increased sales.

To see how we visually and individually implement these considerations, the next step is to explore our creative and editorial processes.

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