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The 24h live Milk Marathon:
Agriculture and Food

On June 1st, we celebrated „World Milk Day“. For the association Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft e.V., we took this occasion literally and embarked on a 24h live journey, following the path of milk from the first milking to the supermarket shelf. For Germany’s first-ever 24-hour livestream milk marathon, we set up a TV studio in the middle of a cowshed in Lower Saxony.

Throughout the day, the focus was on milk, including its production, animal welfare, health aspects, and current milk trends. Over 100,000 users participated in the event, and the content was made visible on social media through the #MilkMarathon hashtag. On-site, we had a television studio setup with hosting, recorded segments, live broadcasts, studio activities, and music. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no audience could attend, but invited journalists from national and regional media were present.


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