Image Film for DPDHL: Vaccine Logistics Saving Lives | infokontor
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Image Film for DPDHL: Vaccine supply chain saves lives

In 2021, DPDHL Group (Global Media Relations) wanted to use a short explanatory film on the topic of „COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics.“ The film was intended to be emotional and informative, highlighting the urgent need for seamless global supply chain logistics for COVID-19 vaccines. It was also meant to emphasize the company’s challenge in effectively combating the pandemic and showcase existing structures and new services.

Infokontor developed an image film for this purpose, which functioned with voice-over (voice recording, music) and as a readable version (no sound, only subtitles). The film complemented various communication measures of DPDHL Group, such as an online press conference. Infokontor distributed the film and video footage worldwide, contributing to the immediate communication success of the company.


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