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Electric Brands: Press relations and consulting for an E-Mobility start-up


Increasing CO2 emissions and climate change are a major challenge for all of us. Added to this are rising fuel prices. As a result, the trend in the automotive industry is moving towards zero-emission mobility. Electric Brands combines this component with flexible usability and a modern look. Infokontor supports Electric Brands with extensive press work and advice and ensures high media attention through effective distribution.

XBUS: The Swiss Army Knife of Mobility

We offer a wide range of services: from press release writing and photo shoots to event management. Among other things, we were responsible for the development, implementation and distribution of the world premiere of the XBUS. The XBUS is a sustainable light vehicle and one of the most innovative electric vehicles on the market: 600 km range, solar panel on the roof and made of 95% recyclable material. In addition to the basic model, customers can choose from a wide range of add-on modules – convertible, camper or van.

Over 10,000 users watched the world premiere live. In addition, over 3,000 articles were registered with our global monitoring – including Stern, Spiegel, Autobild, Top-Gear, etc. This has generated over 16,000 reservations and 900 dealers to date.

Retro Cruiser Evetta

In addition to the XBUS, the Electric Brands product range also includes the NITO electric scooter and the Evetta light vehicle.
The Evetta is based on the 1954 BMW Isetta and impresses with its retro look. The door of the light vehicle opens to the front, which not only saves space but is also a real eye-catcher. Moreover it is very light and runs with zero emissions.

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